Have you ever considered hiring a branding designer?

No? Why not? Below are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring one:

  • A designer is often called an artist. I personally don’t agree. It is true there’s a common ground of creativity between both, however, a designer is much more than that, we don’t simply make things look pretty – we assess, we plan, we test, we project and in the end things hopefully look pretty
  • We know that it takes only a few seconds to make a good impression. Your graphics have to speak your brand message straight away. You don’t want your customers, to be confused about what your business is all about.
  • A designer can help you understand what are the strengths and weakness of your brand and help you get noticed from the pool of competitors out there, by giving you a memorable and unique identity.
  • We understand the same size does not fit all. Each customer deserves the same dedication but the approach can be different, depending on company size, requirements and budget. We are ready to be flexible!
  • We are much more than logo makers – we build brands. We mix graphic elements, fonts, colours and align them to concept to come up with brochures, menus, social media graphics, banners, newsletters.
  • We make your business look professional and consistent.


With college diplomas in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing, I’m fully qualified to provide a range of professional services that can benefit any small or medium business owners just like you! So if you are looking for a creative to help with your brand, look no further and get in touch! I’m also available to hire if you are looking for a freelance to give you a hand in your company! Are you still unsure? I would love to hear what is holding you back on hiring a graphic designer!

Let’s chat, send me a message or email me at hello@byroberta.design

Roberta x