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Instagram Evolution

On the 16th of October 2010 – I installed the Instagram app on my tiny iPhone 3.

Do you know when Instagram launched? The 06th of October 2010.

This means I was only 10 days late to the “game”. It was nearly 10 years ago and things have been changing constantly. Posting and following were more organic then it is these days. Posts were more raw and spontaneous, I guess that’s where the name “Insta” comes from

There was no such thing as stories, messages, selfies, or influencers!

Posts had to be cropped to squares and most of us were using the predefined frame around them and were showing chronologically from accounts you were following. You could see how they interact with other accounts (posts liked, comments, etc). No crazy algorithm back then! More transparency.

Hashtags were something that most people would not pay attention to. Personally, I think I only started using them around 2012.

All accounts were personal, Business accounts and tools were launched in 2016.

Evolution has been incredible for Instagram and the things we can make now are a really great asset for all with personal accounts but most especially for business owners. But with the good comes the “least good”, or should I call it the bad? – I know this is a hot topic – but I want to express my personal and as a Digital Marketer my professional take on it.


Buying followers, buying likes, or follow for follow strategies won’t take your business far. None of these will make the trick. Eventually, you will learn that these “people” or bots, don’t engage with your account and that most of the time they follow you, so you can follow them back, and all of a sudden they disappear!

When you buy followers, you are lying to yourself, and wasting your time and money, believing those numbers are real. But in the end, they don’t convert in what your end goal was. Small true numbers are way better than a big inflated following. Do you agree?

The best practice is to follow accounts that generate content that inspire you, where you can learn from, or because you like their services and want to follow their journey. Like their posts, if you really like them, engage, take part in polls, and comment if you have something to say. The accounts that feel the same about yours will behave the same way.

With this in mind, I would like to ask you now: how is your behaviour on Instagram?

Get in touch via the Contact form or send me a message on Instagram, I would love to know how is your business doing, and if I can help in some way.

Roberta x

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