Are you my ideal client?

Well, I can assure you I have a passion for working with start-up businesses and entrepreneurs because I understand the struggles and the many “hats” we have to wear to run our business from end to end.

You might feel you have all resources you need in your hands to handle your business. There are tons of apps to help with photos, captions, post design, social media etc. And don’t get me wrong you might be doing a great job on your own, but just in case you are feeling overwhelmed check below if you relate with any of the below situations:

  • You are you starting a new business and need help creating your branding? I can help you align your brand values and mission visually so you can attract your dream audience.
  • You started your business last year and used a ready-made logo as a quick fix, but never really went back and invest in professional branding service. Now is the time, let’s do it!
  • Remember in the ’90s when everyone was using Wordart on school assignments? The many colours, font types and images the better? This is how you feel your Instagram grid is going? You’re picking up templates in Canva randomly and just going with the flow? Please let me help you get some direction.
  • Your business is well established and your branding is effective, but you need some marketing collateral pieces. I’m here for you: stationery design, social media graphics and illustrations can help you keeping everything consistent.

I come from a background working for multinational corporate companies in business operations roles and now I use that experience in managing projects in a smaller and more detailed scale, combining not only my creative skills but adding my project management knowledge.

With me your project is in the right hands, are you ready to start?

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