2020 in review

Wow 2020 what can I say! Both on personal and professional level there were so many ups and downs. If you ask me what marked my 2020, you probably expect me to say Coronavirus. Well, I hope I don’t sound insensitive, but it wasn’t – but this is just my personal experience.

I can divide my 2020 in three major events: the unexpected death of my father, the launch of my business and lastly and probably a result of the others: my personal development.

But let’s end it on a positive note. Here 5 things I’ve been grateful for this year:

  • your support, for the amazing clients and for all of you on that side that believe in me and in my dreams.
  • for my family here and in Portugal, and for my friends, the ones far away and for the new ones.
  • for being able to see more kindness everywhere because I choose to focus on kindness and forgiveness.
  • for my health and my loved ones.
  • for my intuition and my inner peace, and for finally understanding what it feels to be connected with the universe.

What are you most grateful for in 2020?

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