Define your brand identity – step 1: your foundation

The first part of the brand identity series is about defining the foundation.
Some of you send me messages asking: I have 5k followers on social media but I don’t have any clients…I can’t stress this enough – followers don’t always convert into clients, especially if you don’t know who are you targeting it and you didn’t work on the foundation of your business on the early stages.

Also as a designer, I encounter many times clients that want their branding done but in reality, they are not even thinking about the core of their business and purpose. They just want it to be pretty, but….flash news: it won’t work long term! The good news is that you are still on time to do this work. Are you still with me?😊

So let’s define a few things:

🔅 Mission statement: defines the core purpose of your business, and the effect you want it to have in other people’s life. Here an example of a mission statement: “To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful” (LinkedIn)

🔅 Vision: reflects the ideas behind the brand and tells the world about where you want to go, your future plan and should be aligned with your mission statement.

🔅 Values: be clear and specific when it comes to your brand values. Some examples of values are diversity, women empowerment, integrity, quality.

🔅 Voice and Personality: are you passionate, intuitive, funky, funny, confident, professional,…?

🔅 Persona: is a fictional character created by you that is supposed to represent the customer that loves your brand. Creating personas will help you identify their needs, behaviours, habits and then work on that information to create content specifically for them.

I really hope this post it’s clear and helps you on your business journey 🙌🏻

As a little game for you: comment below with the word that defines your brand personality 💃

I’ll start: mine is modern and minimalistic, now – it’s your turn 👇🏻

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