Define Your Brand Identity – step 2: design assets

Design assets are the visuals of your business, and how they complement each other is the secret for a strong brand image πŸ™Œ

On this post, I’ll show you my brand elements as an example:

πŸ”… Logo collection

Your business needs logo variations to ensure adaptability to different instances/applications and ensure consistency across your online presence and collateral materials. The logo variations can also come in the different brand colors and in a white and black version.

πŸ”… Typography

Two or three fonts should be selected – usually one for headings and titles, and other for sub-headings and paragraph text. In addition, I always like to select a calligraphy font to be used for a signature for example.

πŸ”… Color selection

A selection of 4 to 5 colors to represent your brand should be enough. However, I like to add tints and shade to my main colors, in that way I extend the color combination available for my brand. (see an example for tints in the carousel)

πŸ”… Graphic elements

The brand elements must be aligned with your brand personality and blend together when used on social media and other materials. Stick to them as much as possible to ensure consistency.

πŸ”… Patterns

My clients always love that I provide patterns as part of my branding. These are good to create social media templates, merchandise or even in wrapping paper! Can you imagine your clients receiving your products wrapped in your branded and unique wrapping paper? Cool right?

I hope you find this post useful, and let me know in the comments if you have any questions on any of the components.

Get in touch if you are thinking of branding or rebranding your business – I would love to create it for you πŸ˜€


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