Define Your Brand Identity – step 3: your website


“Without a website, people may question your legitimacy as a business. Having a website is an opportunity to make a great first impression and give people comfort that you’re a real business.” Forbes

😀 Let’s look at some important elements to consider when it comes to building a website:

🔆 Mobile friendly: Many internet users access the internet via mobile phone. That means your website has to be built with that in mind, having a mobile-friendly website is a must these days.

🔆 Call to Action: on every single page. These can include, a subscription, learn more about you or your services, follow on social, or direct your audience to a contact form.

🔆 Easy navigation: Just like logo design & branding, you might feel you want all the bells and whistles, pop-ups, animations. But that is not the best strategy. Keeping the navigation simple and easy to follow is key.
💥Top tip: To plan your homepage, think about the three top things you want your audience to do when they land on your website.

🔆Be on-brand : Your branding is not only your logo, it’s how everything marries together. That of course includes your website. Use your brand colors, fonts, and style so you can bring a sense of consistency and be easily recognised online.

🔆 Functionality: Your website has to be functional. If your website has broken links, 404 pages, people won’t stay long. Make sure you check everything is working properly before the launch.

🔆 Content:

  • Imagery: When possible use professional photos, when not, try to take some photos at home, but make sure to use a clean background and even have a thought about the colors of your clothing.
  • Copy: if you can invest in a professional copywriter it’s the best. If you are writing the content yourself, make some research and use keywords (for good SEO)
    Important: it’s ok to get inspiration from other websites you admire, but never copy their content – it’s illegal and unethical.

There are many more aspects to consider when it comes to building a good website, but I hope this was helpful.

I’m curious to know, are you or did you build your own website? What was the biggest challenge?👇🏻


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