Define Your Brand Identity – step 5: Brand style guide

“A style guide is important because it helps your business communicate in a consistent way across all teams and channels.”

📖 A brand or style guide is essentially an instruction manual and rule book on how to communicate using your new brand assets, such as your logos, fonts, colours and other collaterals.

It’s a reference tool that helps maintain consistency in what a brand looks, feels and sounds like. It’s important to have in hand when moving to work with a different designer for example.

👩‍💻 When I work with clients that already have their branding done I always ask for the brand style guide because I want to ensure I respect the previous designer work and follow the branding guidelines 100%. The same way I provide my clients with a brand style guide in the case in the future they work with a different designer or agency.

The content of the brand style guide depends on the project dimension but it should include:

– Brand vision and direction overview
– Logo variations
– Color & Typography
– Brand elements
– Collateral assets
– Brand in action (mockups)

In this post, I’ve added a sample of one of my recent projects brand style guide.

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