Setting boundaries as a business owner


💬 Let me tell you a story:

Last year when I started my business I was contacted by a possible client, I hopped on a call, provided a quote, the client accepted and I sent payment details. It was a small project (under €100) and payment was requested upfront.

It’s important to say I don’t start work on any project until I have received a deposit or in this case the full payment, so after a couple of days I’ve checked with the client and she said she forgot to send payment – that’s fine, things happen, I’ll wait. After another couple of days, no payment and I got a text message asking when was the project ready for delivery… I never received the payment, so I assumed the client changed her mind, and I moved on. She apologised and said she would transfer payment that same evening. I waited but nothing happened as expected 👀

➰ After 3 months, I heard back again from the same person. This time it was not a small project. It was a full branding. Once again I hopped in a call, provided a quote, contract, and requested 50% deposit upfront.

➰ The story repeats again, radio silence, text messages exchanged, never seen the payment or signed contract. The project never started.

➰ At that time I promised myself, I won’t let this happened again. 🕒 My time is finite and it should be spent with people who respect and value me.

➰ A couple of weeks ago, the same client shows up again asking if I could hop on a quick call – at that very moment. What do you think I did ⁉️

I’m in a position now that I prioritise clients that respect me and my work. I understand everyone’s busy and we are all trying to navigate this pandemic the best we can, but enough is enough and as a business owner I get choose who I want to work with.

❤️ I’ve learned how to say no, and I’m saying it more often even if that means losing work. We don’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine as well. I’ve been very fortunate and I can say I’ve been working with the most amazing clients, and some of them are even now friends, but I’m always prepared for these types of situations.

Does this resonates with you and do you feel comfortable saying no?


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