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I believe in simplicity and intentional design. I believe that successful brands are created through purpose, meaning, and magic. I value kindness, respect, and positive collaboration with clients. I create through authenticity and creativity. My brand is led by my heart and my intuition ♥


Hi, I'm Roberta,
dreamer & designer. Lover of nature, crystals and magic.

Born and raised in Lisbon, the land of the seven hills and well known for the famous “Pastéis de Nata”. Since 2013 I spend most of my time in Dublin, Ireland, where I live with my husband João and our 10 y old daughter Maria.

After many years of working in corporate companies, in 2020 I’ve decided to create my own business and founded By Roberta – Creative Studio where I work as a brand designer. Most of the time you can find me working from my home in Dublin, but I'll find me in Lisbon every couple of months to enjoy the warm sunshine!

Design is more than just a job to me. I have a passion for perfecting brands and making them shine, being able to do what love and still help other businesses succeed is something that makes me smile every day.

Branding is my passion and it’s fair to say that I’m most well known for my intuitive and creative process. I’m a positive person and always try to look at the glass half full of any situation and truly believe there’s a solution for everything.

In my free time, you can find me drawing, spending time with my family, reading, and thinking of the next great design project while I’m holding my crystals!

in case you are curious...

more facts about me


I have a University degree in Communication Design and a Level 8 Diploma in Digital Marketing. I am also a proud member of the Institute of Designers in Ireland.

Van Life

We recently bough a campervan to remodel and are so excited to discover and make family memories in new places around Ireland and Europe. Our van is called Louie...Louie Vantton!


I love self development and the woo woo, so you can find me reading books around those topics. One of my favourites is Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King.


I have sun and moon in 🏹 Sagittarius and ascendant in Cancer. I am an Emotional Manifesting Generator 6/2 Role Model/ Hermit.


While I work I Iisten to a lot of frequency sounds to keep me focused and balanced. But when it comes to party I love music from the '80s and the '90s. 


Love my family above and beyond. But as an only child I also love and enjoy solitude. Spending time on my own is something my soul needs and craves sometimes.

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