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White Rose Holistic

Based in Dublin, White Rose Holistic helps women with inflammatory arthritis who are ready to explore natural and holistic ways to support their medical journey.

Aisling wants to help her clients manage symptoms of their condition, and side effects of their medication, and manage flare-ups, using holistic therapies, all without compromising their medical journey. Some of the services are aromatherapy, reflexology, massages, and other treatments. The treatments are done face-to-face but soon an online 1-1 program will be available.


Aisling's words:

"Roberta is an absolute pleasure to work with. I wasn't really sure what I wanted but had seen Robertas work online and loved what she had done. I was blown away with what she created for my business. She kept in touch with me throughout the process, which I really appreciated and was happy to listen to any feedback I had. Needless to say the only feedback I had was that I loved it! I would highly recommend Roberta to anyone. Thanks so much Roberta!!"