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Whether you're a business owner seeking a self-paced masterclass or you prefer me to directly deliver a workshop to your team, network, or coaching group, I offer the ideal solution tailored to meet your requirements.

self paced masterclass

group workshops

Equip yourself and your team with the skills to create polished, professional-standard content that stands out.

Don't let mediocre designs undermine your message. Elevate your business communications today. These sessions can be customised to your particular team needs and areas that need an extra bit of attention.

Invite me to conduct a value-packed workshop, available both online and in person.

let me introduce you to my signature workshop

use canva like a designer

Empower your team to create easy-to-design professional and creative presentations, and other assets representing your company's brand! 

Do you want your team's presentations to look smart and professional? 
Is your team spending hours designing presentations that still don’t hit the mark?
Have you had your branding professionally done but don’t know how to implement it? 
Are your team too busy to be designing presentations? 

answer these questions

did you answer YES to at least one of the above?

content overview:

✴ Introduction to essential design principles

✴ Typography best practices

✴ Canva elements - how to stay consistent

✴ Photography tips

✴ Colour tips

✴ How to pair colours/fonts to convey your own brand personality

✴ Bonus lesson: screenshare of my own canva and other sites I use to elevate my content.

✴ Live post creation and transformation of students own posts to show how small changes can elevate their online presence!

why this workshop?

As someone who has worked with +100 clients in the past 4 years I see a lot of content online that hurts brands positioning and overall brand presence.

In a world where everyone is connected online, standing out for the right reasons is crucial. Ensuring your content is authentic, on-brand, and sleek sets you significantly ahead of your competitors.

For those aiming to create a scroll-stopping online presence, this workshop is your ideal starting point.

tell me more

annie carroll, data centre site coordinator at meta

"We had the fantastic opportunity to have Roberta Rechena run her 'How to Use Canva Like a Designer' course at the Meta Clonee Data Centre, and it was an absolute game-changer!

Roberta's expertise and passion for design shone through every step of the course. Her teaching style was not only informative but also engaging, making even the most complex design concepts seem accessible and fun to learn for the teams on site.

The practical insights and tips she shared have already transformed the way I approach design projects and presentations.

I can't thank Roberta enough for this invaluable learning experience. If you have the chance to take her course, don't hesitate! It's a five-star investment in your design skills and a hugely valuable asset to be able to give your employees!

Thank you, Roberta, for your outstanding course and for helping us unlock our creative potential with Canva! We can't wait to have you back at Meta!"

 "a hugely valuable asset to be able to give your employees!"

Are You Ready to transform your team's approach to presentation skills?

yes, tell me more!

You have questions, I have answers!


how much is the investment?


The investment of the workshop varies based on attendee numbers and the format chosen. For instance, certain businesses opt for a masterclass followed by a one-hour hands-on workshop, during which I assist in content creation based on the lessons taught. Please contact me for a detailed quote.

how long is the masterclass?


The usual masterclass takes 90 minutes. It's got an hour for the main presentation and half an hour at the end for questions and answers. If we need to cover more, we can expand it to a 3-hour hands-on workshop where we really get into the details and I am just beside your team while they work on their content.

can you deliver the masterclass outside of dublin?


Yes, I am available to travel within Ireland and abroad. Travel costs may apply. Feel free to enquire and discuss your requirements.

i have small team, can you still come in and deliver the masterclass?


Yes, regardless of your team's size, whether it's a small business, a startup, or a large corporation like Meta, I can adapt. I can visit your office, or if your team works remotely, we can arrange to rent a space or conduct the class online