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Established by Cheryl O’Mahony in January 2022, Your Secret Wardrobe offers a suite of services that blend organization, structure, and style to elevate personal wardrobes. The offerings include wardrobe analysis, styling and storage solutions, personal shopping, and personalized advice on key fashion pieces tailored to individual body types, along with style guidance and outfit ideas.

Cheryl O’Mahony has recognized a gap in the digital content strategy, specifically in terms of the regularity and quality of social media content that engages the audience. Additionally, there is a drive to revamp the current social media presence to reflect a more luxurious and polished brand image.

The primary goal is to refine the client's social media aesthetic, aligning it with the premium nature of the service, thereby crafting a distinctive "high-end" brand experience.

Case Study: Branding and marketing design for 'Your Secret Wardrobe'

My design strategy is deeply rooted in the unique character and voice of the brand. I've embraced a contemporary aesthetic that simultaneously projects professionalism and style, critical attributes that reflect the brand's essence. My goal is to foster a resonant connection between Your Secret Wardrobe and its audience, cultivating a sense of comfort and trust. This is achieved through a cohesive design language that communicates fluidity and serenity, integral to the brand's identity.

Concept Genesis:
The conceptualization of the design draws inspiration from the intimate secrets of femininity and the organizational challenges often concealed behind wardrobe doors. A hand-drawn wardrobe, encircled by delicate foliage, is the centerpiece of my romantic vision, symbolizing the transformative journey clients undertake. This illustration is harmoniously paired with an elegant, handwritten typeface to form the foundational element of the logo series.

Logo Evolution and Brand Application:
The logo series has been meticulously refined by me to ensure versatility across various brand touchpoints while preserving the core identity. Beyond the logo, I have crafted a versatile palette of design elements that provide a rich tapestry for backgrounds in both digital and print mediums, including stationery, website interfaces, and social media platforms.

Typography Selection:
The typographic choices—Tenor Sans for headings and Fahkwang for body text—underscore the brand's chic and minimalistic ethos. I selected these typefaces not only for their visual appeal but also for readability, augmenting the brand's distinctive narrative.

Objective Fulfillment:
The overarching objective of my design strategy is to curate a visual identity that is not only timeless but also deeply resonant, ensuring that each client interaction with Your Secret Wardrobe is authentic and profound.

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"Since launching I have had so many new followers as now my page looks like a professional business. I have lots of people reach out to me and people would always comment on how beautiful it looks."

My business was quite slow and I felt aesthetically my page just wasn’t working. It was very mixed and didn’t have a nice flow.

Working with Roberta was amazing, she brought my brand and vision to life. She ticked all the boxes and knew exactly what I was looking for. With regards working with Roberta it was a quick and easy process, so kind to speak to and the turnaround time was just amazing. I would 100% recommend Roberta to anyone who is looking for a re-brand or starting out on a new venture.

- Cheryl O'Mahony, Wardrobe Organiser | De-Clutter & Stylist

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