Welcome to my masterclass

Design in Canva like a Designer!

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Hello there!

I'm so thrilled to have you here for today's masterclass. My name is Roberta, and I'll be your instructor for the duration of this class. During my three years in business and almost twenty as a designer, I see a lot of good and bad content out there. But it was with the global pandemic hit the world and people felt the need to connect online even more that it became more obvious to me that my help could be used. I have helped other business owners and influencers create and curate their content so it looks as professional as it was done by a designer. In this Masterclass, we will cover Design CRAP Principles, followed by the part that you probably are more interested in building your signature style in Canva and all the elements that are involved with it. As well as some resources that can be useful.

Then a quick intro to Canva while I screen share and show you some of the potentials of the tool!


let's go!

1 - Welcome!

2 - Introduction

3 - CRAP - Design Principles

4 - Build Your Signature Style/ part one

5 - Build Your Signature Style/ part two

6 - Resources

7 - Canva Screensharing

8 - Wrapping up