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In the dynamic world of branding and design, having a clear vision aligned with your business goals is paramount. The 60-minute brand consultation sessions are tailored to bring your creative vision into sharp focus, harmonizing it with strategic business objectives.

Disclaimer: Expect loads of ha ha moments!

Discover Clarity, Cohesion, and Creativity in Your Branding Journey

The process begins before our session and as soon as you book your session.
Upon signing up, you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire to capture the essence of your needs and objectives.
Additionally, I will prepare with some thorough pre-work to ensure our time together is maximally effective and tailored to your unique situation.

We will hit the ground running!

How do we prepare?

  • DIY Business Owners: Elevate your brand with expert advice on color, typography, and creative elements.

  • Fellow Designers/Creatives: Gain a fresh perspective or a validating nod on your current projects or your own brand!

  • Start-Ups: Navigate the complexities of systems, processes, and business fundamentals with ease.

  • Former Clients: Get advice on documents, social media posts or your brand visuals.

Who will benefit?

what do you get?

No need to take notes, I want you to engage in our call and focus. You can revisit the recording anytime to refresh your insights.

Receive detailed notes, actionable steps, and recommended resources from our discussion.

I'm here for a week post-session to answer follow-up questions and offer further guidance.

recording of the session

A Comprehensive Document

One Week of Email Support

Questionnaire + preparation work before the call

one hour session +my full attention in your brand


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"I found the session amazing, so dynamic, focussed and inspiring. By asking the right questions, you helped me to explore and clarify ideas and aims and immediately came up with design suggestions which were way beyond my expectations."

"Way beyond my expectations

Liz kelly, irish maternity support

"What I loved is that Roberta can provide feedback in a way that is totally non judgemental and yet really encouraging. It is amazing to get a new perspective and saves so much time and energy second guessing myself."

"saved so much time second guessing myself

michelle lacey, energy healer