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Branding & website design

Thoughtful, distinct and intentional
design for brands that seek a transformational and deep experience.

brands with  purpose & intention

I call my design method: Core & Form™, which is built on the principle that brands are made up of two integral elements. The "Core" consists of the brand's 'why,' its values, and its story—capturing the essence of the brand. The "Form" then brings this essence to life through visual elements such as logos, colours, typography, and online presence. By seamlessly blending the Core and the Form, I create powerful, unique brand identities that genuinely connect with audiences.

my speciality is designing

i will meet you where you are at

60 min brand consultation


branding + website

Either you just need to bounce your ideas with me, or you need a full brand identity and website, I have a package for you.

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brand strategy + brand identity design

I'll start by getting to know your business inside and out. I'll learn about your story, values, personality, audience, and goals. From here we will define your positioning, your mission statement, your persona and tone of voice.

My goal is to help you create a brand that is authentic, memorable, and effective, that can include: Logo suite, color palette, typography paring, icons, illustrations and more. In addition to these key elements, there are a number of other visual elements that can be included in a brand identity, such as patterns, textures, and photography. The goal is to create a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity that is unique, memorable, and relevant to the target audience.

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Web Design

website design + development +seo

It is time you had a website that shouted loud and proud about your business! 

Your website is not just the face of your business; it is where you invite people to become customers and clients, so you want it to connect. It’s a place where visitors need to feel your personality and decide you’re the one to work with them. 

With my design method, I carefully build your site, ensuring it's easy to use, looks good, and is built to convert. This means guiding visitors to take actions like booking that call, signing up, or buying a product. 

I aim to make your website a showcase and a tool that grows your business.

You have DIY-ed your website but you’re not achieving the results your brand deserves. 

You have been putting off getting a website designed because you think it’s a complex job. 

People ask you for your website but you prefer to share your social pages. 

are you wondering if you also need web design services?

is this you?

(it's ok, I won't tell anyone)

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I value simplicity. Once your site is live, I want you to feel empowered to manage it. I offer easy-to-follow video tutorials for small updates. And if you'd rather have ongoing support, I have maintenance plans available, too!

Products or Services?

Whether you offer services or sell products, I have the right solution. I specialise in creating websites on platforms like Showit and Shopify, ensuring they're stunning and functional.

Simply for You!


Let's grab a virtual coffee and discuss the project in more detail

Accept proposal, sign your contract and pay the deposit

the Core & Form™ method

First I want to explain to you why is it called Core & Form™.  As a brand designer, I aim to authentically represent your brand's true self through visual elements. To me, this means understanding your brand on two fundamental levels: the Core, which includes your values, personality, ethos, tone of voice, and more; and the Form, which includes your logos, fonts, colours, and visual assets. My approach is deeply intentional; by listening to your vision, we co-create a brand that genuinely mirrors its identity.

Project phase

The core

The form

post- Project

Offboarding call to walk you through all your new brand assets and answer any questions you might have.

Brand Launch! Time to pop the bubbly, sit back and enjoy this new chapter of your business!

i'm ready, let's get started!

- Cheryl o'Mahony , your secret wardrobe

Working with Roberta was amazing, she brought my brand and vision to life. She ticked all the boxes and knew exactly what I was looking for. Roberta listened to me and knew exactly what I needed, it was like you were able to get inside my head and see the vision. With regards working with Roberta it was a quick and easy process, so kind to speak to and the turnaround time was just amazing. I would 100% recommend Roberta to anyone who is looking for a re-brand or starting out on a new venture.

"Since launching I have had so many new followers as now my page looks like a professional business." 

You have questions, I have answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

why you?


One of the standout aspects of my approach is its structured and collaborative nature, which has consistently received great praise form previous clients. I pride myself on bringing a holistic blend of skills and expertise to every project. From the outset, I prioritize understanding and aligning with your vision. Recognizing the uniqueness of each brand, I ensure that I truly 'see' and 'listen' to your brand as you do. My commitment to understanding your brand extends beyond conventional methods; I immerse myself in various ways, be it through music, delving into hobbies, or even booking your services. This deep dive allows me to grasp the essence of your brand, ensuring a tailored and impactful outcome.

Do you offer payment plans?


The first payment is your deposit and what ensures your project is booked in my calendar. Depending on the size of the package you chose, payments can be split into 2, 3, 4 or more instalments. Please note that until a deposit is paid and the contract is signed your project is not booked and the date can be given to another client.

When are you able to start?


I am usually booked 2-3 months in advance, and only take a maximum of 2 projects at a time so early booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

How long does it take?


It will depend on the project scope and deliverables, it can vary from 4 - 12 weeks when branding and web design are included.

How many logo concepts will you design for my business?


One is the short answer. However after the branding concept is presented to you, you have time to reflect and provide feedback, Two rounds of refinements are included and that will give us plenty of room to work on anything you might feel is off on the concept. Also, keep in mind that your branding concept includes more than one variation of your logo to allow for flexibility.

What if I want something that it's not listed? or a custom package?